The nominees are…french1

The French Connection

The Last Picture Show

Fiddler on the Roof

Nicholas and Alexandra

A Clockwork Orange



And the Oscar went to…The French Connection

It’s amazing to see the evolution of popular film’s since the start of this journey in 1966. Our first year saw a list of relatively palatable films, with The Sound of Music going on to win. At the 1972 Oscars we have an out and out gritty thriller winning, the first R rated film to do so with The French Connection, and watching Robert Wise’s celebrated musical made A Clockwork Orange seem decades away.

This is an exciting list of nominees. The French Connection, The Last Picture Show and A Clockwork Orange have all since grown into essential cinema; all three are completely unique. Fiddler on the Roof provides what feels like the obligatory Broadway adaptation of the year, but whose popularity can never be questioned, whilst Nicholas and Alexandra,  completely forgotten amongst it’s competitors, is helmed by the previous year’s best director Franklin J. Schaffner and promises intrigue too.

Looking at the nominees it’s a surprise the Academy went with The French Connection with Peter Bogdanovich’s sombre study of a community lingering in the foreground, but were they justified? Did they get cold feet on Kubrick’s distressing, atramentous, dystopian comedy? Or were Fiddler and Nicholas and Alexandra simply overlooked?


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