And the nominees are…

The Emigrants


The Godfather




And the Oscar went to…The Godfather

For my money the Academy are showing a bit of form, settling on The French Connection and Patton for their previous two winner. And with the eventual winner of this year, it looks as though it’ll be mighty hard to tell them they should have chosen otherwise in 1973.

The Godfather would be the big winner, a film often considered Hollywood’s best, in a year which confirms that we have no-dount entered Hollywood’s greatest artistic, storytelling era.

With The Godfather in mind, I must confess I am not too familiar with its fellow nominees.Martin Ritt’s family-friendly portrait of racial struggle Sounder, John Boorman’s savage Deliverance, Bob Fosse’s famed Cabaret and Jon Troell’s hopeful The Emigrants accompany Coppola’s heavy-hitter on the ballot, and judging by the reputations of 1973’s runners-up, there is still plenty of opportunity for the Academy to earn themselves another rewrite.

So lets trek back through a historic year and see if the fine people behind the Oscars can make it 3 from their last 3.  


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