And the nominees are…Godfather-part-2

The Conversation 



The Godfather Part II

The Towering Inferno


And the Oscar went to…The Godfather Part II

This was a year which belonged to Francis Ford Coppola. Like the original, The Godfather Part II proved too hard to pass up for the big award, and the Academy’s decision was met with minimal protest. The most famed sequel in movie history has lasted as one of Hollywood’s great achievments, even toppling Coppola’s first crime epic in the minds of many. But the director didn’t stop there, he also gave us the Palme d’Or winning The Conversation which too founds its way on the nominations list, another film which has endured with a powerful fondness, and ,coupled with his Godfather films, cemented him as the face of the New Hollywood era.

Coppola seemed destined to walk away with an Oscar for Best Picture for a second time, however the other films on the list must’ve certainly given him a run for his money.

Roman Polanski’s Chinatown is often regarded as the greatest noir of all time, whilst The Towering Inferno is viewed as the seminal disaster move. And then we get Lenny, directed By Bob Fosse who himself had just recently collected an Oscar for Best Director.

The Godfather Part II may have  shattered expectations for the sequel, and it may seem like an obvious choice at a glance, but with the reputations of the other films on the list, this is by no means and open-and-shut case.



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