We leave behind arguably the greatest decade in Hollywood’s history and move into tethe Academy Award ceremonies from the 1980s (the 52nd awards to the 61st), and whilst The Godfather, Taxi Driver, Jaws, Star Wars and seemingly a million other mega hits are behind us, the 80s still has plenty to offer.

Raging Bull, E.T , Platoon, Amadeus and Terms of Endearment look to be some of the highlights from a decade that I, admittedly, am not as acquainted with as I’d like to be, but one which has my curiosity. The initial phase of the New Hollywood era has come and gone, but the 80s still poses a collection of interesting films, with some of the industry’s top director’s continuing to solidify their spot in history, chief among them Steven Spielberg, who, in addition to E.T, finds Raider of the Lost Arc and The Colour Purple in contention for the movies’ highest honour, a Rewritten Oscar as awarded by Luke Forsyth.la-motta

For those keeping count, the Academy enters the 1980s ceremonies with only having selected the rightful Best Picture winner 6/14 times since we started our trek from 1966.