And the nominees are…73989387698.png

Annie Hall

Star Wars


The Turning Point

The Goodbye Girl


And the Oscar went to…Annie Hall

On paper this looks to be a two film year. Annie Hall and Star Wars are two of, if not the two movies of their kind, with Annie Hall securing its place at the top of the romantic-comedy annals, just as Star Wars has for science fiction (although it’s more fantasy/adventure than sci-fi.)

The other three nominees I’m not familiar with and, comparatively at least, slip under the radar. Two of them are directed by Herbert Ross (The Turning Point and The Goodbye Girl), while the other is a purportedly true story revolving around the life of Lillian Hellman. They certainly have their work cut out for them, but if one of them were to prove themselves as the rightful winner, it wouldn’t be the first great film to go unnoticed.

The question is however, did a rightful winner in fact fall between the cracks of two of Hollywood’s most revered creations, or was this year in actuality just a two horse race?

On to the first review: Annie Hall



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