The 1980 Oscar Rewrite

And the nominees are…


Norma Rae

Apocalypse Now

Breaking Away

Kramer vs. Kramer

All That Jazz

And the Oscar went to…Kramer vs. Kramer

Although released in 1979, this batch of movies offers us our first set of Oscar nominees from the 1980s, and it looks to be a solid list. Some familiar directors to the Oscar Rewrites remerge, with Martin Ritt, Bob Fosse and Francis Ford Coppola all finding themselves in Oscar contention. Kramer vs. Kramer would be the winner in actuality, the film which would shoot Meryl Streep to mega stardom, whilst also delivering Dustin Hoffman his first of two Oscar trophies. Apocalypse Now may have the most imposing reputation of the nominees, Coppola’s Vietnam War epic has in time solidified itself as arguably the finest film of its kind. whilst Norma Rae also has significant boasting power, with Sally Field, like Hoffman, winning her first of two Oscar trophies this year with her work in the leading role.

All That Jazz, Bob Fosse’s cinematic autobiography, is another film which has nicely carved its place in history, just leaving Peter Yates’ sports dramedy Breaking Away, the one which seems to have slipped under the radar the most of the Academy’s top films from 1979.

It’s another varied group of movies, with a sports film, a war film, a quasi musical, and two more traditional, humanist dramas making up the field.

Lets see if Kramer really was the best of a strong looking bunch.

Get started with Norma Rae                                                     Skip to the ’80 Rewrite


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