20th Century Women

Directed By: Mike Mills
Written By: Mike Mills
Starring: Annette Bening, Elle Fanning, Greta Gerwig, Lucas Jade Zumann, Billy CrudupHO00004115

Speaking in a Q and A in 1995, Roger Ebert pined for more movies that used dialogue for the sole purpose of being pleasurable to the ear, dialogue that sought simply to be interesting and insightful, rather than serving purposes strictly pertaining to the advancement of storylines. Undeniably barren in plot, but rich in character and interaction, Mike Mills’ 20th Century Women is the sort of film Mr. Ebert might have once upon a time clamoured for— tirelessly intriguing to listen to, endlessly engaging to watch, and compulsively watchable.

Within his screenplay, Mike Mills has crafted a way of speaking that is as arresting and cinematic Continue reading “20th Century Women”