The ’70 Rewrite

And the Rewritten Oscar goes to….Z

One of the weaker years we’ve come across so far, but it certainly wasn’t without its highlights.

Z offers a masterclass in tight, laconic film-making, a brilliant dissz-montand-a-greek-tragicomedy-costa-gavras-s-z-1969-jpeg-229392ection of morality, politics and fear, bolstered by a unique satirical flair. It has to be the best edited film we’ve come across.

Midnight Cowboy was the actual winner (but who wants an actual Oscar when you could have a rewritten one?) and for me it didn’t quite fulfill the promise of its reputation, despite two perfect central performances. Similarly, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid I wouldn’t consider  a top 50 American movie as it’s often praised, however it is a fun, good-spirited sprint through America’s west with two of its favourite bandits.

Hello, Dolly! and Anne of the Thousand Days on the other hand both disappointed with their overindulgence on aspects away from the story and not offering any real emotional charge to their work. For me, it’s clear the rightful winner has to be Costa-Gavras’ ruthless political thriller.

This makes you 1/5 Academy.

Z- ***3/4

Midnight Cowboy- ***

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid- ***1/4

Hello, Dolly!- **

Anne of the Thousand Days- **3/4

(ratings are out 4)


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