The ’73 Rewrite

And the Rewritten Oscar goes to…The Godfather Coppola cast

Of course it’s The Godfather. Even with so many strong contenders on the Academy’s list, with a film that is unanimously considered perfect it would have been very difficult for this decision to go awry. And I’m not just taking the easy road for security, The Godfather is the best film we’ve crossed in this journey to date.

And this is saying something. This is a very strong year in a time where it’s apparent we’ve entered an iconic period for the movies. The sheer visceral experience of Deliverance, the humanism of Sounder, the panache of Cabaret, and even the emotional honesty of The Emigrants (which I admittedly did find laborious at times), make this a year for films where each piece had something to offer. But nothing was a match for the mesmerising performances, wonderful characters, enthralling drama and absolute artistry of Francis Ford Coppola’s huge awards winner.

I can’t even pretend to smear the Academy’s name for this one. It’s The Godfather all the way, a film every bit as beloved today as it was in its own time. The real surprise from the Academy in 1973 was overlooking Coppola for Best Director, however luckily for him I’m sure my stamp of approval upon his film will put his mind at ease from that awards oversight 46 years ago.

No Rewrite necessary. The Academy are now shooting at 50%. 4/8


The Emigrants– **3/4

Cabaret– ***1/2

The Godfather– ****

Deliverance– ***3/4

Sounder– ***1/4


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