The ’74 Rewrite

And the Rewritten Oscar goes to…The Exorcist Exorcist-horror-movies-18854465-1680-1050

The Academy’s run of good form comes to an end. I am not one usually enticed by horror films, but The Exorcist is one of the most affecting films we’ve encountered so far and is unmatched, even by the terrific competition it was up against.

This was a great year, something I’m sure I’ll be saying over and over for a while to come.

George Lucas’s loving recreation of 1962 is fantastically fun with American GraffitiCries and Whispers is truly moving and surprisingly visceral; an intense, provocative study. And The Sting is no disgrace to the list of Oscar winners. It is outrageously entertaining, teeming with personality and unpredictability. For sheer enjoyment, The Sting is hard to look past. But The Exorcist has more on its mind than the eventual winner, and combining this with uncomfortable, but mesmerising thrills, it has to be the only choice.

A Touch of Class is the only weak link in the list, it isn’t half as thoughtful as it fancies itself, even if it does have laughs-a-plenty. That said It isn’t enough to taint, if the nominees are anything to go by, a terrific year for movies.

William Friedkin has won a Best Picture before with The French Connection, but now he has more  prestigious hardware to add.

An Oscar Rewrite is in order. This makes you 4/9 Academy.


Cries and Whispers– ***1/2

A Touch of Class– **1/2

American Graffiti– ***3/4

The Sting– ***3/4

The Exorcist– ****




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